Valeters Insurance From Just £499

Valeters Insurance is a necessity for anybody who operates a business primarily specialising in the valeting of customer vehicles. If you carry out valets on customer vehicles, then you'll often need to have coverage in place to protect yourself and your business.

The unfortunate reality is that more insurers charge a high premium for valeting insurance - for many reasons such as the industry being mostly unregulated. Insurers often don't have enough statistics to go off either - and their prices are usually based on the fact that "anything can happen" when you're conducting business. One of your employees could accidently crash a customer's vehicle while moving it, or your premises could be targeted by burglars in the middle of the night; resulting in all of your expensive tools being stolen.

These are problems that insurers tend to shy away from. At Insurance 4 Motor Trade, we welcome specialist risks such as Valeters. We work directly with our underwriters to explain your unique circumstances. All of our quotes are custom tailored to your individual circumstances - such as your business location, no claims bonus, number of employees, annual turnover and overall risk profile. We provide quotes for hundreds of Valeters each and every year - and we pride ourselves on being the cheapest valeting insurer guaranteed*.